“Be open to everything Nick asks you to do, even if it seems a bit strange. What I have realised is that the (12 week Transformation) Challenge is actually about the fundamentals of good health – drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, moderate daily exercise, breathing correctly, decreasing stress, eating enough protein and green vegetables, cutting down on sugar. My goal was to lose weight, but as I went through the Challenge, I realised my body could not lose weight until I had these other things in place".
Brisbane, QLD

Small steps. Big difference.

Do you find it hard to make healthy food choices or stay motivated to exercise? Small steps can make a BIG difference to how you feel. Our health, fitness & lifestyle coaching programs get achievable results!

21 Day Re-boot

Change your life in just 3 weeks! Do you want to have more energy and feel fitter but don't know where to start?

Get results fast!

This easy to follow program has videos, daily challenges, weekly feedback and achievable goals. You'll notice a real difference!
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12 Week Transformation

Are you too busy with work or family to look after yourself? It's time to get some of that youthful energy back!

For busy parents!

This is an online 12 week program with weekly challenges, videos, regular feedback and access to a supportive group to share your journey. Includes 3 FREE eBooks!
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1:1 Coaching

Do you want a health and fitness plan that's tailored to suit your needs, and an empathetic coach who will really listen?

Just for you!

A completely personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program specifically created for you, with coach support over 8 weeks.
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One pot chicken, quinoa and broccoli recipe

This healthy and nutritious one pot meal is a great lunch or dinner for 4-5 people. It has a good balance of protein and carbohydrates to help sustain even the hungriest members of the family! Cooking time 40 minutes approx. Quinoa, a flowering plant related to spinach and amaranth, is rich in protein, dietary fiber,

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Swiss Ball with Dumbbells Workout Guide

This workout guide uses just a swiss ball and dumbbells, to help build overall strength and specifically posture and core strength. I have used swiss balls for my own workouts and as part of client programs for over 17 years – see my Introduction to Swiss Ball Training. A primary benefit of exercising with a

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Sleep tip – use blue blocking glasses!

In today’s modern world of technology and artificial bright lights, our sleep patterns can be significantly disrupted by too much exposure to blue lights. To help you get a better night’s sleep, I recommend wearing a pair of blue blocking glasses, in the evening during all screen time. Blue blocking glasses have filters in their

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Learn from someone who knows!

I know exactly what life as a busy parent is like!  As well as running a health and wellness business, I have two young children. Life can feel like a real juggle at times, searching for balance and good health.

Holistic lifestyle coach

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