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Do you find it hard to make healthy food choices or stay motivated to exercise? Small steps can make a BIG difference to how you feel. Our health, fitness & lifestyle coaching programs get achievable results!

“Thank you Nick! I’ve learnt so much over the past 12 weeks – it’s made quite a difference to my energy levels and how I feel about myself. ​ Specifically, I’ve lost 6kgs, 4cm round my waist, 3cm off my arms, and this is all just from small changes. What I love about the challenge is it’s not overwhelming, there isn’t an overload of information, and there’s always someone there checking in”.
Jane W
Port Hedland, WA

21 Day Re-boot

Change your life in just 3 weeks! Do you want to have more energy and feel fitter but don't know where to start?

Get results fast!

This easy to follow program has videos, daily challenges, weekly feedback and achievable goals. You'll notice a real difference!
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12 Week Transformation

Are you too busy with work or family to look after yourself? It's time to get some of that youthful energy back!

For busy parents!

This is an online 12 week program with weekly challenges, videos, regular feedback and access to a supportive group to share your journey. Includes 3 FREE eBooks!
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1:1 Coaching

Do you want a health and fitness plan that's tailored to suit your needs, and an empathetic coach who will really listen?

Just for you!

A completely personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program specifically created for you, with coach support over 8 weeks.
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Cycle Specific Workout

As a keen cyclist for my entire life, I can attest to just how effective regular bike riding is, as a way to improve and maintain good health – especially aerobic fitness, but also for building leg strength, and for toning muscles of the core and upper body.  An all over approach however, incorporating cycle

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General health

Freedom on 2 wheels (Part 2)

Riding a bike has been in my blood ever since I could stand up – more than 40 years in fact! Recently, after a few years of sporadic cycling (my focus was firmly on the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge), I have had a renewed enthusiasm for riding. In this article, I share some of my earliest

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General health

Freedom on 2 wheels (Part 1)

I have always had a love of cycling – for me it is truly freedom on 2 wheels! Recently, and with the realisation that I have been riding a bike for more than 40 years (slightly scary), I have been thinking about how this journey started for me and what keeps my bike wheels turning

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From Facebook...

Where I share health & lifestyle tips for busy parents 👌🏻
This week ⤵️
My tip is to strengthen your upper back muscles and improve your posture with the (Dumbbell) BENT OVER ROW 💪🏼
MUSCLES used: trapezius, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi, posterior deltoids, biceps.

Technique tips:
STANCE: feet hip width apart, bend from the hips, knees slightly bent.
FLAT BACK: keep a straight back - keep your eyes focused on floor slightly infront of, of feet, to maintain neutral neck and spine
STAY STILL: keep core engaged (draw in belly button) and try not to move torso at all
SQUEEZE shoulder blades together at top of each rep (hold for 2-3 seconds)
BREATHE out as lift weight, and in as you lower back down

AVOID 💥 rounding shoulders and upper back, tipping over too low, bending wrists, lifting/ lowering weight too quickly, and going too heavy!
For a personalised SMART program (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed) comment below or send me a PM 👏😁

Next week’s tip ➡️ to focus your thoughts on the good things in life and keep a daily journal 😉
#bentoverrow #nickellsonhh #holistichealth #smallstepsbigdifference
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Learn from someone who knows!

I know exactly what life as a busy parent is like!  As well as running a health and wellness business, I have two young children. Life can feel like a real juggle at times, searching for balance and good health.

Holistic lifestyle coach

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