Eggs on toast with avocado and pesto

This is part of our favourite weekend ritual at home, sitting down to a delicious and healthy cooked breakfast, accompanied by coffee and the newspapers!

Why this recipe is good for breakfast:

  • Eating enough protein is essential for maintaining a healthy body. Protein at breakfast will result in a fuller feeling for longer (and avoid those blood sugar dips between meals).
  • Whole eggs are incredibly nutritious, containing a very large amount of nutrients compared to calories. The nutrients are found in the yolks, while the whites are mostly protein.


  • Sourdough toast with butter
  • Poached eggs
  • Avocado
  • Pesto (optional)
  • Sea salt and cracked pepper


Eggs on toast is pretty self-explanatory, but this is how we do it!

  • Get a pan of water on the boil (we love poached eggs but you can scramble or fry or boil whole)
  • Toast the bread and set out on plates, adding some slices of avocado to each plate
  • Time to poach the eggs – this is really quick and you probably don’t want to end up with hard, chalky yolks, so make sure everything else is ready to go before putting them in.
  • Add eggs to toast, top with pesto, and enjoy!

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