ABC Wholefood Adventure colouring book

“Mum, can we have sourdough for breakfast?”

“Yuck, that kraut stinks!’

I’d never heard of sourdough or sauerkraut until I was an adult and I marvel at my children’s high level of food awareness at such a young age. Depending on where you grew up, it’s possible that you too were unaware of many foods that are staples in other countries around the world!

These days the world is a smaller place. Whilst it’s easier than ever to source an incredible variety of fresh foods and harder than ever to sift through what is healthy (vegetarian, paleo, keto, LCHF, vegan, pescatarian, etc), the one thing EVERYONE can agree on is that wholefoods are best. 

And so, Jarrah & Nina’s Wholefood Adventure was born.  This is a beautifully illustrated ABC colouring book that encourages children from an early age to be adventurous and try a variety of foods with no judgement or pressure to eat a certain way.

This children’s ABC book is available as a downloadable eBook, so you can print it out in black and white and give to the kids to colour in. It’s a great way for children to learn about wholefoods while doing something creative.

A sample of pages from the book is available as a FREE download if you sign up for any of the Nick Ellson Health & Lifestyle Programs.

About the author

Heather Ellson is a mum (who loves food) with twin girls, who were typically fussy toddlers! Heather was looking for an ABC that could broaden food horizons from the very beginning, rather than rehash ‘Apple, Banana and Carrot’. 

The book is illustrated by Celese Heward, a talented illustrator, videographer and graphic designer who also has two daughters and is passionate about healthy living.

Contact us for information about the book, or sign up for a program to get your free download of pages from the book!

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