Margaret has recently completed her first 10 pack of Mobile PT sessions and has shared some feedback.

What do you like most about our training sessions?

  • The variety of exercises we do and the build up in complexity and difficulty
  • The holistic approach – it fits with how I operate
  • The fact that I can work out in my own home
  • The knowledge you bring to the task

What do you think could be improved?

  • I think that the program is well paced well for my needs and that what we are doing is what suits me best at this time
  • I value and respect that you know what you are doing – you record what we do and keep changing it up

Do you have any other comments/ general feedback?

  • I have really enjoyed the sessions in the last 10 weeks. I want to be even stronger and more stable after the next 10. The One Good Thing task (writing down a daily ‘memorable moment’) is a great thing to make you realise what a blessing your life is.
Margaret – Clayfield

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