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As I mentioned in Part 1 of this article, Dr Batmanghelidj firmly believed that chronic pain and illness was linked to water shortage in the body. 
The following are a few symptoms that can be linked to dehydration:


If you are dehydrated, your blood becomes thicker (see Part 1), which lowers blood pressure and can result in postural hyper tension or dizziness when standing up. Starting your day with an extra glass of water may help this.


Particularly prevalent in adults/children who mouth breathe. When you breathe out of your mouth, water vapour leaves the body (breathe onto a pane of glass and watch what happens) and so an already dehydrated body can lose even more moisture, thus further constricting respiratory passages.  Drinking plenty of water and learning to breathe deeply through the nose using the diaphragm (instead of shallow breathing from the upper chest area through the mouth), will help.

High cholesterol

Cell membranes need water for their structure; so if not enough water is supplied to a cell, then cholesterol (produced by the liver) will be used instead.   


Cartilage tissue in the joints is made up of complex fibres with a space for water which gives it sponginess and slipperiness. The cartilage sits on the end of the bone and draws water from the bone. If dehydrated, cartilage is the last tissue in the body to get any water rations, meaning the cartilage dries out, loses lubrication, resulting in friction and wear and tear, leading to inflammation. How do you reduce heat in the body? Drink more water!

Poor digestion 

A lack of water during digestion can result in faulty or incomplete metabolic processes. For example, proteins and enzymes do not function as well in acidic conditions that result from dehydration. The body works best in an alkaline state and that is reached by drinking plenty of quality filtered water. Water helps speed up metabolism by increasing the efficiency at which cells work. When the body is adequately hydrated fat burning increases and muscle breakdown reduces.

Fluid retention

The anti-diuretic hormone – produced in the hypothalamus at the base of the brain to maintain blood pressure, blood volume and tissue water content – is released to find any spare water in the body which is then stored beneath the skin in adipose tissue or fat cells. This is a safety measure, in case of a time of crisis at any stage, when water levels drop too low.  Known as oedema, and more commonly fluid retention, this again can be solved by drinking enough water, meaning the body no longer needs to store water for an emergency.

Hay fever

The histamine hormone is produced to ration water round the body. For example, if you suffer from hay fever, it’s most probably due to dehydration and no medication is necessary, particularly when the ‘anti-histamine’ drugs from the pharmacy will just remove the (natural) hormone that is trying to ration the water. Just drink more water! 

Our modern world is full of toxins that we breathe in, eat via processed foods (chemicals, colours and preservatives), and absorb through our skin.  All these toxins need to removed from our systems with plenty of water.

But what about soft drinks, juices, tea, coffee, even alcohol – don’t they all contain water? 

Well yes, but don’t be fooled into thinking these can be included in your daily water quota! These beverages also add sugar, caffeine and possibly other additives/preservatives into your system, adding to your body’s workload so if in doubt, drink more water and less of everything else!

Pure, filtered water is best

I recommend investing in a proper drinking water system for your home, and stainless steel water bottles for all the family (plastic bottles leach chemicals over time). Water and good health are so interdependent, so the sooner you make drinking water a priority every day, the better.  I have been using a Zazen filter for many years and can recommend them as a great addition to your kitchen.

In summary here are 10 reasons to drink more water!

  1. Essential to our survival
  2. Helps maintain healthy bodyweight
  3. Leads to increased energy
  4. Can decrease risk of certain types of cancer
  5. Can significantly reduce joint and/or back pain
  6. Flushes out wastes and bacteria = reduces disease
  7. Can prevent and alleviate headaches
  8. Naturally moisturises skin = healthy glow 🙂
  9. Aids in digestion, so prevents constipation
  10. Primary mode of transport for nutrients

Water: it’s the most important liquid on earth, it’s free, and now there are even more reasons to drink it. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty – start each day with a glass to rehydrate all your cells.  You will feel an immediate boost in energy as the water helps you wake up, and kickstart your joints and muscles. 

Water really is the stuff of life!


2 thoughts on “Water is the Stuff of Life (Pt 2)”

  1. And it’s free!
    Keep it in the fridge so it tastes fab, even if you live somewhere the tap water doesn’t taste so good.
    Water down milk on your breakfast cereal to keep the calories off. Soon you won’t notice!

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