Belinda does a weekly session of Personal Training at her home in Brisbane, and has recently completed the 21 Day Challenge.

Belinda’s 2 main goals for the Challenge:
  • Have more energy
  • Not get sick as frequently
Challenge feedback

I’ve really enjoyed the common sense, practical and easy changes to make each day. I felt good going for a short walk each evening – something I wouldn’t normally do – and felt it definitely pushed me to drink more water, think about my sleep, and otherwise influence these healthy life habits. There are lots of practical habits to introduce and maintain in your daily life going forward. Good resources and information. I found it (the 3 weeks) a good length of time, with nice relatively easy targets.

Did you achieve your 2 main goals?

Yes to some extent. I didn’t really get sick at all during the challenge. I also feel like focusing on the greens in week 1 carried through the whole challenge which greatly helped reduce sickness. My other goal was to feel more energetic, and whilst I didn’t notice this one as much, I do think I am on the right path to noticing those differences in how I feel each day.

The hardest challenges for Belinda were
  • Nutrition – adding protein at breakfast
  • Sleep – 5 mins stretching and breathing just before bed
  • Movement – two 1 hour walks in a week
Things that made some of the challenges easier for Belinda were:
  • Fun or interesting to do
  • Made me feel better afterwards
  • Perserverance – I kept at it!
How much did you enjoy the 21 Day Challenge?

4 out of 5 stars

How helpful were the resources and info provided?

5 out of 5 stars

How likely are to recommend this program to others?

Very likely

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