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Megan and Avril recently completed the 21 Day Challenge, a 3 week program for anyone who wants to start improving their health and fitness in a manageable, sustainable way.

The personal challenge continues even though I am ‘finished’. Thank you Nick, this has been a good experience.


Our 21 Day Challenge is designed around the 6 Foundation Principles of Health – Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, Breathing, Sleep and Thoughts. These address key areas that impact your body and affect how you move and feel.

Challenge feedback from Megan

Its easy to change things for a little while and usually the novelty wears off and the change disappears. Because we had to keep on going for 21 days incorporating several changes, I found much of it very do-able and I’m happily surprised to find that as a result of drinking lots of water and not having room for my 6 cups of coffee (although this was the hardest part of the challenge), I now sleep better and wake up lovely and early every day.

I may also have lost a bit of weight. A bonus. I am still going to try and incorporate into my day, some of the things that I failed to do. I like the happiness jar and the give something to someone in need.

Challenge feedback from Avril

What I have mostly gained is awareness and understanding. Also some good ideas to in corporate into my daily activities – like the breathing exercises and movement. The walking habit is excellent and green smoothies have become the norm. Also more greens in our meals. I will also aim to have no sugary things in the house, as I have no willpower in that area! I now use stevia instead.

The walking habit is excellent and green smoothies have become the norm.

The hardest challenges for Megan were
  • Hydration – drink your daily water target
  • Nutrition – none, they were all fairly easy
  • Movement – 30-50 squats
  • Breathing – alternate nose breathing
  • Sleep – no ipad, phone or TV in bedroom
  • Thoughts – repeat a positive affirmation
The easiest challenges for Megan were
  • Walking – 15 minutes walking every day
  • Nutrition – adding leafy greens to 2 meals a day, eating protein at breakfast

How much did you enjoy the 21 Day Challenge?

4 out of 5 stars

How helpful were the resources and info provided?

5 out of 5 stars

How likely are you to recommend this program to others?

Very likely

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