This is a complete home workout using just bodyweight to build overall strength. With no equipment required, it’s a great exercise routine wherever you are – at home, in the park, or even on a beach.

Suitable for all fitness levels. If your knees however, do not welcome squats and lunges, try steps ups on a low bench or step instead, as an alternative way to activate the leg muscles. For your own personal bespoke program, send a message here.

Equipment required
  • Bodyweight only
  • Exercise mat
  • Warm up with this pre-workout routine or 3-5 minutes walking or slow jogging.
  • Complete 45-60 seconds of each exercise
  • One or two sets (with 1-2 minutes rest in between sets)
  • Engage core by drawing in belly button
  • Maintain good posture and breathing.
Cool down and stretch
Shadow boxing
  • stand with firm stance, engage core, and punch in and out.
  • add dumbbells for an extra challenge.
4-point toe touches
  • stand with equal weight through both heels, engage core and step forward with left foot;
  • touch the floor with your toe in 4 places: forwards, left side, back and behind heel (crossing other leg to the right).
  • repeat with right leg in opposite direction. Maintain good balance and tall posture.
Face Energiser!
  • sit or stand with good posture
  • look up – open mouth, wide staring eyes, tongue out, breathe in.
  • look down – exhale fully blowing air out through pursed lips, close eyes, scrunch up face.
  • feel all your face muscles stretch and relax. Hope you enjoy this one 🙂
Sumo squat to push-up
  • stand with a wide stance – toes pointing slightly out (engage core).
  • sit back and down through heels (no weight through toes).
  • move down to the floor and do one push-up (knees or toes) – place hands just wider than shoulders on floor; elbows turned out.
  • for BOTH, inhale down, exhale back up.
Reverse lunge
  • step back dropping knee down towards floor
  • weight on front foot through heel (avoid twisting back knee). Engage core.
‘Get Up Get Down’
  • go from lying on mat to standing in one smooth move
  • start in standing position with arms above head
  • move to a fully prone position on floor – arms overhead and legs outstretched.
Frog push-up
  • perform a standard push-up (on toes or knees)
  • walk back on your hands and sit on your toes, knees turned out, palms flat on floor.
Single arm row/ twist/ push above head
  • lean forward; lower one arm down, draw elbow up and back down
  • then (in one smooth movement) twist body and push same arm above head.
  • add a dumbbell or kettlebell for increased challenge.
Lunge pulse
  • see Reverse Lunge above
  • pulse one knee up and down focusing on weight through front foot heel.
Jump squat
  • perform a standard Squat (sit back and down through heels – no weight through toes)
  • then jump out into wide stance and jump back again.
  • lie on back with legs out straight, sit-up fully with wide elbows, hands behind head at end.
  • breathe out up, inhale back down. Engage tongue to roof of mouth to keep neck muscles from over working.
  • modified version – half sit-up position with hands to knees only.

4-point plank touch

  • start in full plank position – on outstretched hands and toes.
  • lift one hand and touch ground in 4 places – ahead, to side, back, and cross (under body); repeat with other hand.
  • focus on keeping good plank posture, engage core, squeeze glutes.
V-sit twist (and touch)
  • sit on floor with both legs lifted, knees bent.
  • twist and touch ground with both hands together, alternate sides.
  • option to keep one or both feet on ground to protect lower back.
Superman holds
  • start in all 4s positions – on hands and knees.
  • lift one arm and opposite leg maintaining good head alignment – nose turned down towards floor
  • hold position 3-5 seconds and repeat opposite side. Engage core.
  • breathe in as lift arm/ leg, breathe out back down.
Leg drops (1 or both legs)
  • lie on back or on raised elbows
  • lift both legs and extend straight out, maintaining good core control, not overarching lower back.
  • option to keep one on ground and extend alternate legs.

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