As a keen cyclist for my entire life, I can attest to just how effective regular bike riding is, as a way to improve and maintain good health – especially aerobic fitness, but also for building leg strength, and for toning muscles of the core and upper body. 

An all over approach however, incorporating cycle specific strength exercises, with a program of regular stretching and focused breathing, as well as plenty of time on the bike of course – is hugely beneficial for all cyclists, from beginners right through to pro tour riders.

I also recommend eating a good diet of wholefoods, keeping hydrated, and getting plenty of sleep.

I have created this program, with inspiration from Shannon Sovndal – author of Cycling Anatomy, a fabulous book and one of my favourite resources.

This program is suitable for fitness levels, from intermediate to advanced – with at least basic bike riding skills.

This program contains
  • 12 strength exercises (Pages 2-3 of this article)
  • 4 stretch and breathing exercises (Page 4)
Equipment required
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebell
  • Med Ball
  • Suspension cable/ TRX
  • Set of 2 cables (resistance bands)
  • Swiss Ball
  • Foam Roller
  • Exercise mat

I recommend HartSport (located in Brisbane, Australia) for all your home fitness equipment needs. For any specific questions on equipment for this program, please contact me and I will be in touch.

  • Warm up with this pre-workout routine or 3-5 minutes walking or slow jogging.
  • Complete one or two sets (with 2-3 minutes rest in between sets)
  • Engage core by drawing in belly button
  • Maintain good posture and breathing.
Cool down and stretch
  • See Page 4 of this article for full info on recommended stretches.

Click on Page 2, for your first 6 ‘cycle specific’ strength exercises!

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