In today’s modern world of technology and artificial bright lights, our sleep patterns can be significantly disrupted by too much exposure to blue lights. To help you get a better night’s sleep, I recommend wearing a pair of blue blocking glasses, in the evening during all screen time.

Blue blocking glasses have filters in their lenses that block or absorb blue light, and in some cases UV (ultra violet) light, from coming through. They can help reduce exposure to blue light waves when looking at a screen, especially after dark. Ideally they should be worn anytime you are using a screen or device that emits a blue light.

Where does blue light come from?
  • LEDs
  • Computer screens
  • TVs
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Some ceiling lights

Effects of blue light on the body

In the evening (around 6pm in a healthy body), the sleep hormone melatonin should start to be produced helping us wind down, relax after the days exertions, and get ready for sleep (when our bodies repair and grow new cells).

When our eyes relay this blue light to our brains however, it signals that we are still in daylight, and therefore it’s time to move, work, be alert and be active. This confuses the brain, sending cortisol levels back up, which disrupts our natural circadian (24 hour) rhythms, leading to poor sleep patterns and recovery and general low levels of energy.

Too much blue light can also damage the retina of the eye.

Benefits of wearing blue blocking glasses
  • Healthier eyes
  • Reduced digital eye strain
  • Easier to fall asleep
  • Better quality sleep
Reduce exposure to blue light in the evenings
  • Limit screen time in the evenings
  • No screen time 2 hours before bed
  • Use a screen filter application on your phone or PC, to reduce the glare
  • Turn off bright ceiling lights – use floor lamps instead (with warm glow bulbs)
  • Use natural beeswax wax candles
  • Read or play board games instead of watching TV.

Are you sleeping enough?

12 practical tips to help you top up your sleep bank.

To purchase your own pair of blue blocking glasses, and for lots more info on the benefits, I recommend you go to Blue Light Block.

Aim to reduce exposure to blue light with blue blocking glasses 2 hours before bed, or use candles and read a good book!


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