Earlier this month I started to cycle to and from work, an adventure that I’ve not experienced since my days as a PT in a South London gym well over a decade ago. Although only 5.5 miles each way, it’s been quite a challenge after many years in Brisbane, where I’ve become very used to riding in the heat and humidity in just a few layers of lycra.  Now I need to beware of narrow dark roads, and even (it’s been unseasonably cold here even for April) slippery roads due to ice!

Despite frozen fingers, I am loving this new part of my day for the headspace and stunning scenery


Plus I just LOVE riding a bike.  

PLUS I get a free full English breakfast each time I ride for my efforts (thanks Riverford Organics – they know how to look after their employees!).

We have now been in the UK for almost 6 months – incredible how quickly time flies – having moved here from Australia at the end of October 2020. Some suggested we were mad at even considering such a massive move during a global pandemic, but we have survived and are now happily settled into our new home in Totnes, South Devon. As some of you know, Heather and I got married here in 2006, and it was a dream that perhaps one day we would return to actually live here. After 13 happy years of Aussie life, it felt like the right time to come back to England; to see if we liked it for more than a holiday, and to give the girls a different experience for a while.  We were very sad to leave all our family and friends behind in Brisbane – especially Heather’s family and our friends/community in Samford. It was also really hard to say goodbye to my wonderful clients, but I am happy too that a good friend and fellow trainer Jacek is continuing to look after some of their health and fitness programs.

So, life is very different for the Ellson family back in the UK.  Our arrival has of course been very different due to the pandemic and the restrictions that extended lockdowns have brought.  Having to “stay local”, we have spent almost every weekend in or around Totnes, exploring the laneways of this almost 1,000 year old town (Totnes castle is one of the best preserved examples of a Norman motte and bailey castle, dating back to the 14th Century).

We have also done lots of walking along the River Dart (which runs right through the town – we can actually see it from our living room!), some more strenuous hikes up into the impressive Dartmoor National Park and walked (or rather been blown) along a few beaches. We are really excited about the warmer summer months ahead, with unlimited opportunities for outdoor adventure right on our doorstep as the daylight gets longer and the lockdown is lifted – the girls are especially keen to try canoeing and paddle boarding.

One aspect of life back in the UK that Heather and I are particularly relishing is the wonderful local food. The farmer’s market in Totnes is always abundant with local produce and we’ve also thoroughly embraced foraging (well, only wild garlic to date, fermenting some, making pesto and adding it to many dinners)!

Soon after we arrived, with limited opportunity to start training clients due to the lockdown, I was offered a job at Riverford Organics – an organic fruit and veg box company that prides itself on it’s ethical and sustainable operations. Fast forward to today, and I am now a proper employee or ‘co-owner’ and part of a team responsible for packing and dispatching the boxes of fruit and veg (and meat, bread and dairy) that get sent out on massive trucks for next day delivery around England and Wales.

It’s exceptionally busy with over 45,000 boxes leaving the farm each day, 5 days a week. The first few weeks were really exhausting, despite my active career for many years (lifting dumbbells, medicine balls and boxing with clients).  Lifting heavy pallets and cases of milk all day along with 25,000+ steps means brushing my teeth in the evening is sometimes an effort!  At least I sleep very well each night, and did I mention we get to bring fresh fruit and veg home with us everyday?!

I am really enjoying this job (strange to be an employee after so many years) – an opportunity to meet others in the local community, to gain insight into food and farming challenges and also to still allow me the time to see clients on a part time basis.

Over the past 6 months, I’m so thankful to continue to train a few wonderful Aussie clients online and to be half-way through a Precision Nutrition qualification – the Essentials of Nutrition and Coaching, Level 1.

Yes, NEHH is still very much alive 😊

My website is full to the brim with health and wellness programs, exercise videos and recipes – so much incredible information to help you. 

But what are *your* questions?  What are your challenges?  

Are you after more strength, stamina or better sleep?  

I can help you, no matter where you are starting from and no matter how big your goals feel.


For general overall wellness, a good place to start if you are looking for a structured program with built in accountability is the short and sweet 21 Day Reboot Challenge

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For your complimentary 1-1 30 minute online consultation, send Nick a message.

The last 6 months have seen a dramatic change to my life – what would you like the next 6 months to bring for YOU?

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