Yes! The 21-Day and 12-Week Challenges are online so as long as you have an internet connection. You can live anywhere from Austria to Uzbekistan and still join us.

Nick Ellson also offers online 1:1 Holistic Life Coaching and this can be scheduled at a time convenient to you, whatever your time zone may be.

You can start the 21-Day Challenge on any day you choose! The 12-Week Programs start on specified dates – send Nick a message to stay in the loop and register your interest.

Upfront payment is required for the 21 Day Challenge. For other programs such as the 12 Week Challenge or 1:1 Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, you can pay  by regular instalments, or pay upfront and get a discount on the total fees.

All online payments are processed via PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account to pay with a credit/debit card.

For mobile personal training, you can pay by bank transfer, cash, or any of the above methods.

You can compare programs to see costs and discounts, or click here to sign up.

  • For the 21 Day Challenge only an exercise mat would be helpful – no other equipment needed!
  • For the 12 Week Challenge you will need a small amount of basic equipment, which we’ll advise you about when you start.
  • For 1:1 coaching or personal training, we’ll discuss needs with you in the initial consultation.

Most communication will be via email, with extra information (like helpful videos) available online via a secret Members only area of the website.

Support is available via email, Facebook messenger, Skype or Zoom where appropriate. 1:1 Holistic Lifestyle Coaching includes regular Skype or Zoom sessions – we can advise you about setting up or using communication tools if you need help with these.

The Online Challenges (21 Day and 12 Week) are designed to run for a specific length of time so you get to experience the benefits of a healthier you! Daily, consistent effort is what gets results. All our programs are designed with maximum support and accountability, but if you decide not to continue, that is your choice. Refunds are not available.

The 1-1 Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program is designed to run for 8 weeks. Nick will keep in regular contact with you and be as flexible as possible if you need to take some time away. The program must be completed within 12 weeks of signing up.

We understand that you can’t always plan for illness or other unexpected commitments but we value our own time too! So we feel a 24-hour cancellation policy is a fair compromise.

If you are unable to make your training session and don’t provide 24 hours written notice (email or text message), that session will be automatically marked off your pre-paid/monthly Session Log.

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