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21 Day Challenge – review – Megan and Avril

Megan and Avril recently completed the 21 Day Challenge, a 3 week program for anyone who wants to start improving their health and fitness in a manageable, sustainable way. The personal challenge continues even though I am ‘finished’. Thank you Nick, this has been a good experience. Megan Our 21 Day Challenge is designed around …

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Rhythms and Rituals

Our bodies are innately wise and are happiest (and healthiest) when we live according to daily rhythms – and the consistent every day rituals that we create around these. The term circadian comes from the Latin circa meaning “around”, and diem meaning “day”. Circadian rhythms – sometimes called diurnal rhythms – are the foundation of …

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Energy is everything

Imagine your body is like a battery – one of those typical orange and black ones – positive at one end, negative at the other. When you wake up in the morning, step one leg at a time out of bed and stand up… you may just feel a bit low on energy, like your …

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Caveman in cave

Cavemen rock! Has modern man got it wrong?

Ten thousand years ago, cavemen roamed the land hunting and gathering, ‘surviving’ from day to day with a hand to mouth existence, often going days without proper food and then gorging on the meaty spoils of a successful hunt.   They are often portrayed as wearing shaggy animal hides, armed with rocks or clubs, unintelligent and …

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How to stay young!

Ageing is an accumulation of all the stresses we pile on our bodies. Brett Hill from The Wellness Guys summed up ‘healthy ageing’ with a great analogy:   “Growing old should be like a candle burning evenly to the bottom, with only a slight flicker at the end and then the light goes out!” Brett Hill …

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Seesaw in park - balance

Health is a balancing act

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin yang, often referred to in the west as yin and yang, is used to describe how opposing forces are interconnected, and focuses on the idea of balance, e.g. dark and light, female and male, low and high, cold and hot. Everything in life has both yin and yang …

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