Cycle Specific Workout

As a keen cyclist for my entire life, I can attest to just how effective regular bike riding is, as a way to improve and maintain good health – especially aerobic fitness, but also for building leg strength, and for toning muscles of the core and upper body.  An all over approach however, incorporating cycle …

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15 Bodyweight Strength Exercises

This is a complete home workout using just bodyweight to build overall strength. With no equipment required, it’s a great exercise routine wherever you are – at home, in the park, or even on a beach. Suitable for all fitness levels. If your knees however, do not welcome squats and lunges, try steps ups on …

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14 stretches on a matt

Stretching is most beneficial at the end of an exercise program, or after any period of physical activity. When we move, the fibres in our muscles contract or shorten and so, for optimum health and performance, should be stretched (to lengthen the fibres back out) as part of a cool down routine. This will help …

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