Introduction to Swiss Ball training

As a personal trainer and exercise coach, for more than 17 years now, I have used always Swiss Ball exercises to help my clients towards achieving their health and fitness goals. Developed in 1963 by Italian plastics manufacturer Aquilino Cosani, Swiss Balls, then known as “Pezzi balls”, were first used in treatment programs for newborns …

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Swiss Ball Supine Lateral Roll

This is one of my favourite Swiss Ball exercises, and one that I recommend – and help clients to learn the correct technique for – every day! It is a great way to strengthen the whole body, but in particular: Core strength Lower back strength Glute strength Breathing and posture Paul Chek, founder of the …

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Retired couple swimming and snorkelling

How to stay young!

Ageing is an accumulation of all the stresses we pile on our bodies. Brett Hill from The Wellness Guys summed up ‘healthy ageing’ with a great analogy:   “Growing old should be like a candle burning evenly to the bottom, with only a slight flicker at the end and then the light goes out!” Brett Hill …

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