Chew your food slowly!

Modern life can be hectic with so many things to fit in each day, and we are all guilty of eating ‘on the run’, with very little chewing. However, this is not conducive to good health as we are missing out a vital step. Chewing produces saliva that breaks down food ready for the digestive …

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Carbohydrates – the lowdown

Mmmm, are your first thoughts pasta and fresh bread?  You’re not alone!(Aaargh – but those are bad for me aren’t they?) Carbohydrates are the main source of calories for many people and can be broadly described as one of the three macronutrients along with fats and proteins – we. need. them.! Humans need fat for health, especially …

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Fats are in!

Humans need fat for health, especially essential fatty acids that the body can’t manufacture. Eating the right ‘healthy’ fats will help to boost brain and memory function, improve skin tone and heart health, and lower bad cholesterol. For many years however, fat was given lots of negative press with some research linking saturated fats (from …

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The sweetest thing

In the 1980s fat was firmly blamed for obesity/being unhealthy and given all the bad press. We were told to trim all meat and avoid butter/full-cream milk/cream/avocado, and that eggs (especially the yolk) should be severely limited. Despite this pervasive message, obesity kept climbing until, by 2016, 13% of the world’s adult population were obese …

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The power of protein

My motivation to write this blog dedicated to the ‘power of protein’ was prompted by a recent visit to the Eco Expo in Brisbane – saving the world one eco step at a time – and finding a stall selling energy bars made from cricket protein powder. Although not the first time I had heard …

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Sourdough bread is a gluten free healthy alternative to processed bread

Bread – use your loaf!

Bread is a staple in most households these days – toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch.  It is so convenient to buy, relatively cheap and can be teamed with so many toppings! Most bread is made from wheat, with variations (ie. white, brown, wholewheat, added seeds etc) and most people in the western world also …

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Caveman in cave

Cavemen rock! Has modern man got it wrong?

Ten thousand years ago, cavemen roamed the land hunting and gathering, ‘surviving’ from day to day with a hand to mouth existence, often going days without proper food and then gorging on the meaty spoils of a successful hunt.   They are often portrayed as wearing shaggy animal hides, armed with rocks or clubs, unintelligent and …

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Retired couple swimming and snorkelling

How to stay young!

Ageing is an accumulation of all the stresses we pile on our bodies. Brett Hill from The Wellness Guys summed up ‘healthy ageing’ with a great analogy:   “Growing old should be like a candle burning evenly to the bottom, with only a slight flicker at the end and then the light goes out!” Brett Hill …

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