January Journey

$30.00 for 1 month

The January Journey is a Step-by-Step guide to a healthy and focused NEW YOU.  Kick-start your 2021 with a boost of positive motivation and energy!

You’ll get a fresh Signpost every day to help you stay on the path – simple but powerful actions that will not only see you through the January Journey, but build a strong base for the whole year to come.

Sign up and on 1 January you will be sent your first Signpost for Day 1, and each subsequent day will follow.

Need to know more…?

This Journey lasts (unsurprisingly!) for 31 days – like an Advent Calendar after you’ve recovered from Christmas and New Year celebrations!

It’s fun and varied and designed to help you refocus on your health and wellbeing.

That’s 31 Days of new Signposts or action items that build on each other as the month progresses.

The Journey is completely achievable for Any Body, regardless of your current level of fitness or physical activity (but if you do have a question, please get in touch).

It’s not just about getting you to exercise more or cutting out sugar, but lets you focus on other aspects of good health (ie sleep, breathing etc) so you really make simple but lasting changes.

By the end of January, you will have a complete healthy living ‘Road Map‘ to take you through the next 11 months with accountability and and make 2021 a year you really want to remember!

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