8 Week program: Tailored, flexible, online

Are you looking for:

  • an experienced, highly qualified and empathetic trainer who really listens to you?
  • a personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program specifically created for you?
  • complete flexibility so your goals are still achievable?
  • regular personal accountability & support?

1:1 holistic lifestyle coaching will give you an approach to health and fitness that is much more than just an exercise and eating plan.

A holistic approach

All our lifestyle coaching programs are designed around the 6 Foundation Principles of Health.  These six areas are Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, Breathing, Sleep and Thoughts, and they address key areas that impact your body and therefore how you move and feel. (Read about how these principles are embedded in the design of our logo).

Why our approach works

We look at fitness differently! It’s not just about lifting weights or going for a run around the park (although there might be some of this!). Our view is a wider one – how lack of sleep, poor nutrition and dehydration equal a very stressed body – a body that cannot deal with the high physiological load many gym users and super-active people inflict on themselves BEFORE de-stressing their bodies!

Living a healthy life is about stress management – both positive and negative stress. See article: Health is a Balancing Act . All the main areas of stress that we subject ourselves to on a daily basis have good and bad effects; we actually need a certain amount of stress to stay healthy. 

To achieve balance, we need to be aware of the stressors we are exposed to. The more negative stress your body is under, the more stress hormones it will produce (known as a catabolic ‘flight or fight’ state – your yang), until eventually it is no longer able to produce adequate levels of repair hormones (an anabolic state – your yin) to keep your body healthy.

I will help you to identify the key stressors in your life.  Often these stem from the most basic human needs – money, relationships and food.

What the program includes

eBooks - healthy eating recipes, swiss ball exercises, wholefood and lifestyle guidelines

BONUS: 3 free eBooks!

Sign up today and you will also receive 3 FREE eBooks about Swiss Ball strength training, healthy recipes, and wholefood and lifestyle guidelines. More info here!

1:1 Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Personalised, flexible program especially for you!
$ 90 (per week)
  • Discounts for advance payment
  • Online program
  • Start anytime
  • 8 week program
  • Initial assessment & goal setting (90 min Skype call)
  • Tailored to suit your needs & goals
  • Weekly Skype call to track progress
  • Weekly feedback from coach
  • Personalised exercise program with videos
  • Personalised nutrition guide
  • 3 free eBooks!
  • Pay weekly, or $670 upfront (save $50)

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Ready to start?

Today is the day you take that first step towards a stronger, healthier you!

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