Face-to-face personal training

Are you looking for:

  • an experienced, highly qualified and empathetic personal trainer who really listens to you?
  • a personalised exercise, nutrition and lifestyle program specifically created for you?
  • regular personal accountability & support?
  • training at your home in Samford (QLD Australia) or the surrounding area?

My approach

I look at fitness differently! All my 1:1 Mobile Personal Training programs are designed around the 6 Foundation Principles of Health, because health and fitness is so much more than just an exercise and eating plan.

Initial consultation

Before we meet I will send you a comprehensive ‘About Me’ and Medical History and Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire. Take your time and answer the questions as accurately, and in as much detail, as you can. These results, together with your current fitness level, will determine the starting point for your exercise program. 

During your first session, I will assess your posture and movement patterns to identify muscles that are long and weak – these need strengthening; and those muscles that are short and tight – these need stretching. We will also talk through how much water you are drinking, what your sleeping habits are like and a typical day of eating. See article: Are you Sleeping Enough?

In addition to the face-to-face sessions, I will also help you to get started on a 21 Day Lifestyle Challenge to help you focus on some new healthy habits (based on the 6 Foundation Principles of Health).

Functional exercise

Movement is simply part of daily life. Climbing in and out of the car, putting out the washing, picking up your children/ grandchildren, climbing the stairs, washing the windows, walking to the shops, hoovering the carpets, sweeping the deck.  In the world of health and fitness, these everyday movements are referred to as ‘Primal Patterns’ – aka ‘functional exercise’ – and comprise the following seven movements: Squat, Bend, Lunge, Push, Pull, Twist, Gait.  

In comparison to a gym based programme, which normally concentrates on fixed machines in a single range of motion, functional exercise is ‘multi-planar’, meaning your body will better be able to tackle all that life throws at you head on, and if need be sideways/with a twist.  Although it is unlikely that you will have to run away from any woolly mammoths any time soon (like our caveman ancestors), it is important that you incorporate some reasonably intensive exercise into your weekly routine – ideally to include some or all of the primal patterns mentioned above.

Why train with Nick

Mobile Personal Training

Fully tailored training that will really motivate you!
$ 90 (per 45 min session)
  • Discounts for advance payment
  • Face to face at your home or nearby park (Samford area)*
  • Start anytime
  • Flexible program (as long as you want)
  • Initial health/lifestyle questionnaire
  • Tailored to suit your needs & goals
  • FREE access to 21 Day Re-boot!**
  • Instant feedback & guidance from coach
  • Access to exercise videos
  • 3 free eBooks!
  • Pay weekly, or buy 10 sessions for $850 (save 5%)
  • First session is FREE!

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