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Swiss Ball with Dumbbells Workout Guide

This workout guide uses just a swiss ball and dumbbells, to help build overall strength and specifically posture and core strength. I have used swiss balls for my own workouts and as part of client programs for over 17 years – see my Introduction to Swiss Ball Training. A primary benefit of exercising with a

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Banana smoothie recipe

This is a quick and easy banana smoothie recipe – with almond milk, greek yoghurt and flaxseeds – perfect for a super healthy breakfast or as a snack. First though, here are: 5 banana-ry facts There are over 1000 different varieties of bananas growing around the world. The Cavendish variety was named after William Cavendish,

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Sleep tip – use blue blocking glasses!

In today’s modern world of technology and artificial bright lights, our sleep patterns can be significantly disrupted by too much exposure to blue lights. To help you get a better night’s sleep, I recommend wearing a pair of blue blocking glasses, in the evening during all screen time. Blue blocking glasses have filters in their

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