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New beginnings

Earlier this month I started to cycle to and from work, an adventure that I’ve not experienced since my days as a PT in a South London gym well over a decade ago. Although only 5.5 miles each way, it’s been quite a challenge after many years in Brisbane, where I’ve become very used to

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4 egg-celent recipes

Eggs, one of nature’s superfoods, are a great source of protein and contain an incredible range of nutrients. Here are 4 simple family recipes with eggs as the hero ingredient. OMELETTE Ingredients 3 egg whites 1 full egg 6 cherry tomatoes 1 cup spinach 3 mushrooms 60g black beans salt and pepper Method Steam spinach

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Chew your food slowly!

Modern life can be hectic with so many things to fit in each day, and we are all guilty of eating ‘on the run’, with very little chewing. However, this is not conducive to good health as we are missing out a vital step. Chewing produces saliva that breaks down food ready for the digestive

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