Carbohydrates – the lowdown

Mmmm, are your first thoughts pasta and fresh bread?  You’re not alone!(Aaargh – but those are bad for me aren’t they?) Carbohydrates are the main source of calories for many people and can be broadly described as one of the three macronutrients along with fats and proteins – we. need. them.! Humans need fat for health, especially …

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Acai bowl recipes

Perfect to serve with granola or porridge, for getting in some extra daily greens and it tastes fab! The acai (or assai) – a superfood berry originating from South America – is extremely rich in antioxidants, high levels of essential fatty acids, amino acids, and dietary fibre. A small edible blackish purple berry, it grows …

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Fats are in!

Humans need fat for health, especially essential fatty acids that the body can’t manufacture. Eating the right ‘healthy’ fats will help to boost brain and memory function, improve skin tone and heart health, and lower bad cholesterol. For many years however, fat was given lots of negative press with some research linking saturated fats (from …

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Beetroot hummus recipe

Hummus is a regular at the lunch table in the Ellson house, although not usually this pink in colour! Of Middle Eastern origin, hummus (also spelt houmous) is a dip or spread made from cooked mashed chickpeas, tahini (made from sesame seeds), lemon juice and garlic. Chickpeas – the main ingredient – provide a good …

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iPad showing 21 day program

21 Day Challenge – review – Megan and Avril

Megan and Avril recently completed the 21 Day Challenge, a 3 week program for anyone who wants to start improving their health and fitness in a manageable, sustainable way. The personal challenge continues even though I am ‘finished’. Thank you Nick, this has been a good experience. Megan Our 21 Day Challenge is designed around …

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Rhythms and Rituals

Our bodies are innately wise and are happiest (and healthiest) when we live according to daily rhythms – and the consistent every day rituals that we create around these. The term circadian comes from the Latin circa meaning “around”, and diem meaning “day”. Circadian rhythms – sometimes called diurnal rhythms – are the foundation of …

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