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eBooks - healthy eating recipes, swiss ball exercises, wholefood and lifestyle guidelines

New! Children's colouring book

Jarrah & Nina’s Wholefood Adventure is a beautifully illustrated ABC that encourages children to be adventurous and try healthy foods. More info here!

Available as an eBook to download and print, FREE when you sign up for any health and lifestyle program.

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Strength from the inside out

By Nick Ellson

This book contains 26 exercises, with photographs, to help you build a strong core with the aid of a Swiss Ball. Exercises range from beginners through to advanced.

FREE with 12 Week or 1:1 coaching programs.

Healthy Eating for Everyday

By Nick Ellson

This book has 47 delicious, easy to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and desserts, suitable for most families. Eating healthily need not be boring!

FREE with 12 Week or 1:1 coaching programs.

Wholefood & Lifestyle Guidelines

By Nick Ellson

This is a brief guide to how to eat and live well, with information about the type of foods to eat, what to reduce or avoid, and what to look out for when buying food.

FREE with all our health & lifestyle programs.

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