Chia pudding recipe

This is one of my favourite choices for breakfast, especially when I need something healthy, nutritious and easy to eat, on-the-go! Chia seeds, a member of the mint family, derive from Salvia hispanica, a desert dwelling plant found in South America. Legend has it that the ancient Aztecs and Mayans used chia seeds as a …

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Burger in a bowl recipe

This is a burger with a twist! No bun to be seen here, so perfect as a low carb high fat meal. Thank you to Margaret for sending in this recipe – looks delicious and super healthy. Margaret sees Nick once a week in Brisbane for a mobile Personal Training session. Ingredients – patty Mince …

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Green smoothie

Green smoothie recipe

Green smoothies are a great way to boost your daily intake of nutrients with a power packed punch! Use kale or spinach as the ‘base’ ingredient, then add things like apple, pear, cucumber, fresh ginger, berries (frozen raspberries or strawberries work well), banana, coconut oil, ice and water. Ingredients Handful of each: kale, spinach, flat …

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Sourdough bread is a gluten free healthy alternative to processed bread

Bread – use your loaf!

Bread is a staple in most households these days – toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch.  It is so convenient to buy, relatively cheap and can be teamed with so many toppings! Most bread is made from wheat, with variations (ie. white, brown, wholewheat, added seeds etc) and most people in the western world also …

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Caveman in cave

Cavemen rock! Has modern man got it wrong?

Ten thousand years ago, cavemen roamed the land hunting and gathering, ‘surviving’ from day to day with a hand to mouth existence, often going days without proper food and then gorging on the meaty spoils of a successful hunt.   They are often portrayed as wearing shaggy animal hides, armed with rocks or clubs, unintelligent and …

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